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About Us

Welcome to our blog!

As sisters, mommies, wives, best-friends, creative homemakers, and clean living women, we look forward to sharing our insider knowledge on kids fashion. We are always on the look out for unique designs and feel good deals! While we don’t take it all too seriously, we sure like to have fun and look good doing it!

By photographing and featuring photos of the kids who inspire us, we are here to answer the questions that you never have the time or gusto to ask.

Where did they get her boots?
How do her kids always look so hip?
Did his pants cost a fortune?

mini à la mode is your go-to place to get inspired and achieve that one of-a-kind look for your little one! Let your imagination run wild! And please send us pics of your Mini if you’d like to see them on our site!


Samantha & Alexis