Christina, one of a kind…

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This next photo came to us through a dear friend, Melissa, who is an experienced world traveler and an alluring writer. While visiting Panama this summer, she photographed the lovely Christina amongst an indigenous community. Since we can’t travel there ourselves, we are living vicariously through Melissa and her keen eye for beautiful things around the world. Thank you Melissa! We look forward to seeing more amazing children of the world!

Imagemap alt Crocheted Top Crocheted Top Batik Pants Embroidered Dress Embroidered Dress Embroidered Dress Woven Coin Purse Christina

Christina is a 7 year old beauty who is actually going on 50 & who lives in Queens, NY. In her free time she practices African dance with the Purelements: An Evolution in Dance in Brooklyn as well as the Irish Jig. She seems to have a talent for athletics of any kind- swimming and running to name a couple.  She eats at tables with the adults and fits in just fine – one of the many skills acquired from a mother who believes her daughter is a child of the world, not to be defined by her parents.  As such, she has an affinity for rugged travel through countries like Panama and beyond. This is Christina with the Kuna Yala people on the boarder of Panama and Costa Rica. They believed she was one of them and dressed her in their traditional clothing to prove it. She was a celebrity amongst this tribe of naturalists and will be honored by all good people she runs into along her path. – Melissa

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nashville star…

June 5th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Girls | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on nashville star…)
Imagemap alt Sunglasses Sunglasses Sunhat Sunhat Seersucker Bubble Toms Sparkle Toms Sparkle Samantha

Look out Hollywood! Miss Samantha is headed your way! Although this is her 2nd year birthday outfit, Samantha is known to wear her pearls and sparkle shoes everyday. And just because she dresses like a movie star, this little one loves to get dirty, even in her Sunday best!

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We went to the White House!!

May 18th, 2012 | Posted by Alexis in Big Kids | Boys | Girls | Our Work - (Comments Off on We went to the White House!!)

It was a BIG day when we traveled to DC to style the kids for Parents Magazine’s cover shoot with First Lady Michelle Obama.

The kids were super excited and not only did we get a visit from the President, but Bo made a surprise appearance too.

Security was tight  and the whole shoot lasted only a couple hours but the memories will stay with us for a while!

Imagemap alt Old Navy


Imagemap alt ToobyDoo ToobyDoo CrewCuts
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dancing queen…

May 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Girls | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on dancing queen…)
Imagemap alt Scarf Headband Anchor Kurta Anchor Kurta Colored Denim Colored Denim Paloma

The only way to get this active little girl to sit for a photo op was the promise of her favorite “treat”, a mini scone from Starbucks. And Paloma knows where TWO of them are! Good thing, because Mommy will need her coffee to keep track of this one! When she isn’t pushing Figa, the cat, around the house in her pram, Paloma is dancing through the halls donning a tutu.

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a real life american doll…

April 24th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Girls | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on a real life american doll…)
Imagemap alt Floral Romper Floral Romper Animal Sweater Animal Sweater Silver Sandals Amelia

Little Miss Amélie is your real life American doll! But don’t you dare try to put a bow in this Mini’s hair or she’ll sick her Boxer puppy, Emma, on you! A true southern belle, Amélie will surely steal your heart with her perfect curls and pouty red lips. And as a new big sister to baby Claire, also known as “Sissy”, we look forward to seeing some pics of sisterly love!

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bohemian love meets rocker cool…

April 16th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Big Kids | Boys | Girls | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on bohemian love meets rocker cool…)
Imagemap alt Boho Sundress Feather Headpiece Feather Headpiece Feather Headpiece Feather Headpiece Shudder Shades Ramones T-Shirt Carys Henry Carys Henry

Carys and Henry make up the most adorable sister-brother combo…free loving boho and uber cool rocker. Wish we could get our hands on their Spotify playlist! While they certainly have the innate fashion sense, just like Mom, they are true hippie’s at heart and prefer running around au natural! Gotta love a free spirit!

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spring break beauty…

April 9th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Girls | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on spring break beauty…)
Imagemap alt Straw Hat Floral Romper Denim Button Down Avery

At only 20 months old, Miss Avery is the most stylish jet setter out there! After a trip to the Bahamas and California, Avery spent her first Spring break in Palm Beach for some much needed R&R. However, all she did was run and run! She loved feeding the turtles in the lake, putting around the golf course and swimming in the pool. The only way to get her to stand still for this adorable photo, were some M&M’s…ahhh, the power of chocolate!

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Easter Editorial in Parents Magazine

April 8th, 2012 | Posted by Alexis in Big Kids | Boys | Girls | Our Work - (Comments Off on Easter Editorial in Parents Magazine)

Check out this super-fun story styled by yours truly for Parents Magazine’s April issue.

In spirited Easter bunny fashion we wanted to share it with you.

Hippity Hop & Happy Easter to you and your Minis!

PS. Think I am going to get some denim overalls for my Mini this week too!

The pair shot in the story were from H&M and the little model wearing them loved them so much, we let her take them home. Luckily H&M finally has on-line shopping and they are still available!! Yesssssssss!!!!


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