purple rain…

January 17th, 2013 | Posted by Samantha in Boys | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on purple rain…)
Imagemap alt Trapper Hat Trapper Hat Chambray Shirt Chambray Shirt Crane Tee Sneaks James

James is one lucky kid! Not only does he have an awesome golden retriever doggy named Lola, but he has a cool mom who knows how to dress him! Going against “traditional” boy style, she takes any opportunity to add some uniqueness and pizazz to his outfits. In particular, she loves the color purple and creating lots of layers. She makes sure to keep his clothes comfy though, as James is on the move and can’t be slowed down!

And we can’t wait to see how Mom dresses James’ new baby brother….

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Kingsley, the king of style…

August 31st, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Boys | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on Kingsley, the king of style…)
Imagemap alt Fedora Fedora Striped Henley Bulldog Chino Shorts Native Shoes Kingsley

Kingsley is only 2 but he already has an easy, laid-back style. His summer wardrobe staples include a fedora, colorful and patterned tops and bright comfortable shoes (he lives in his crocs). Kingsley loves cars, trucks and everything construction-related. Kingsley’s Mommy, Lauren, heads up PR and social media for American Express in Toronto. To see more of Kingsley’s outfits and some great inspiration for Mommy, check out Lauren’s blog ladauphinestyle.blogspot.com.

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keeping it cool…

August 14th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Boys | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on keeping it cool…)
Imagemap alt Beetle Tank Beetle Tank Linen Fedora Linen Fedora Maritime Short Maritime Short Canvas Sneakers Mason

Mason is a pro at looking cool and keeping cool with his straw fedora and blueberry snow cone! He’s always chatting it up and loves to dance and sing EE-I-EE-I-O for a crowd. A natural performer, Mason also jams out on his guitar…look out Jack Johnson!

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nothing but nico!

July 11th, 2012 | Posted by Alexis in Boys | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on nothing but nico!)
Imagemap alt One PIece Pirate Decals Merrell Shoes Striped Socks Nico

Introducing Nico, one of the cutest and downright most stylish boys in London Town!! We are quite fond of his pretty momma, Adina,  and his beauty of a sister, Luna, too! Be sure to check out their award-winning blog, www.littlelunalu.com for fantastic style info from across the pond.

We have been fans for a while now! Keep an eye out for Luna’s debut – you’ll be meeting her in a few weeks for sure!


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May 9th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Boys | Infant | Street Style - (Comments Off on stripe-a-holic…)
Imagemap alt Raincoat Striped Anchor Tee Striped Anchor Tee Chambray Pants Eddie

Its no wonder this little man is dressed to impress! His mommy, Meagan, has been in the fashion industry for years! Now, she has the perfect model to style, Eddie! And most days, you can find him wearing something striped, if you can find him! He’s always on the move!

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a real life american doll…

April 24th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Girls | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on a real life american doll…)
Imagemap alt Floral Romper Floral Romper Animal Sweater Animal Sweater Silver Sandals Amelia

Little Miss Amélie is your real life American doll! But don’t you dare try to put a bow in this Mini’s hair or she’ll sick her Boxer puppy, Emma, on you! A true southern belle, Amélie will surely steal your heart with her perfect curls and pouty red lips. And as a new big sister to baby Claire, also known as “Sissy”, we look forward to seeing some pics of sisterly love!

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west coast fashionista…

March 28th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Girls | Infant | Street Style - (Comments Off on west coast fashionista…)
Imagemap alt Cardigan Cardigan Sweatpants Sweatpants Booties Booties Lane

While her parents are originally from the Northeast, Lane, is mini à la mode’s newest West Coast fashion maven. We can expect to see a lot from her and her laid back Cali style. Currently, however, her Gap Kids socks have her undivided attention.

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quite the little gentleman…

September 20th, 2011 | Posted by Samantha in Boys | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on quite the little gentleman…)
Imagemap alt Striped Tee Striped Tee Shorts Shorts Oxfords

It’s a Mad Mad World

We can’t get enough of Miles’ sophisticated look from his gentlemanly-coifed hair down to his two-tone wingtip oxfords. His European shoes and classic Ralph Lauren shorts are a nod to the trendy “Mad Men” look of now. This little man truly knows how to catch a girl’s eye on the playground. Create your own little Mad Man look – we promise, he will only look the part!

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