Christina, one of a kind…

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This next photo came to us through a dear friend, Melissa, who is an experienced world traveler and an alluring writer. While visiting Panama this summer, she photographed the lovely Christina amongst an indigenous community. Since we can’t travel there ourselves, we are living vicariously through Melissa and her keen eye for beautiful things around the world. Thank you Melissa! We look forward to seeing more amazing children of the world!

Imagemap alt Crocheted Top Crocheted Top Batik Pants Embroidered Dress Embroidered Dress Embroidered Dress Woven Coin Purse Christina

Christina is a 7 year old beauty who is actually going on 50 & who lives in Queens, NY. In her free time she practices African dance with the Purelements: An Evolution in Dance in Brooklyn as well as the Irish Jig. She seems to have a talent for athletics of any kind- swimming and running to name a couple.  She eats at tables with the adults and fits in just fine – one of the many skills acquired from a mother who believes her daughter is a child of the world, not to be defined by her parents.  As such, she has an affinity for rugged travel through countries like Panama and beyond. This is Christina with the Kuna Yala people on the boarder of Panama and Costa Rica. They believed she was one of them and dressed her in their traditional clothing to prove it. She was a celebrity amongst this tribe of naturalists and will be honored by all good people she runs into along her path. – Melissa

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Imagemap alt Raincoat Striped Anchor Tee Striped Anchor Tee Chambray Pants Eddie

Its no wonder this little man is dressed to impress! His mommy, Meagan, has been in the fashion industry for years! Now, she has the perfect model to style, Eddie! And most days, you can find him wearing something striped, if you can find him! He’s always on the move!

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beach bum to party perfect…

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Imagemap alt Seersucker Jacket Seersucker Jacket Linen Suspender Pants Linen Suspender Pants Iggy Pop T-Shirt Joseph

When Joseph isn’t running around the park or the beach with his friends, he is jamming to Sesame Street and the Fresh Beat Band. But this sandy boy sure knows how to clean up for a party! When’s its time to shine, Joseph throws on a blazer over his favorite tee and completes the look with the ever classic Burberry trouser. Can’t wait to see Josephs’ beach style soon!

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rocking the retro…

April 5th, 2012 | Posted by Alexis in Boys | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on rocking the retro…)
Imagemap alt Denim Anorak Denim Anorak Striped Leggings Striped Leggings Leather Boots Samir

We are loving Samir’s 1970’s diggs, handed down from his Uncle Peter! It figures he would wear them so well as his Mama always sports vintage pieces worth coveting! He has been seen squealing with laughter on the Upper West Side when causing trouble! His cheeky personality shines through in this pic – we know there is a lot more style to come from this adorably hip lil man!

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sometimes two is better than one…

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Imagemap alt Striped Sweater Striped Sweater Striped Zip Sweater Striped Zip Sweater Seersucker Pant Seersucker Pant Knee Patch Pant Knee Patch Pant Knit Beanie

Hudson & Oliver belong to mini a la mode’s Samantha and are almost 9 moths old now! When Samantha isn’t researching and posting, you’ll find her whipping up batches of organic baby food with interesting flavor combos like Mint Peas and Cinnamon Pears. The boys can’t get enough of the homemade treats and while we know it’s time consuming, it is so worth the effort!

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