a real life american doll…

April 24th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Girls | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on a real life american doll…)
Imagemap alt Floral Romper Floral Romper Animal Sweater Animal Sweater Silver Sandals Amelia

Little Miss Amélie is your real life American doll! But don’t you dare try to put a bow in this Mini’s hair or she’ll sick her Boxer puppy, Emma, on you! A true southern belle, Amélie will surely steal your heart with her perfect curls and pouty red lips. And as a new big sister to baby Claire, also known as “Sissy”, we look forward to seeing some pics of sisterly love!

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snow bunny…

March 20th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Girls | Infant | Street Style - (Comments Off on snow bunny…)
Imagemap alt Aviator Hat Aviator Hat Sweater Sweater Slipper Boots Slipper Boots

Although it is officially Spring, we couldn’t resist posting adorable Olivia for her first time on the slopes in Breckenridge. At only 5 months, Miss Olivia is owning the lodge in her cozy ensemble while enjoying hearing herself babble away.

Until next year,  Winter!

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sometimes two is better than one…

January 15th, 2012 | Posted by Alexis in Boys | Infant | Street Style - (Comments Off on sometimes two is better than one…)
Imagemap alt Striped Sweater Striped Sweater Striped Zip Sweater Striped Zip Sweater Seersucker Pant Seersucker Pant Knee Patch Pant Knee Patch Pant Knit Beanie

Hudson & Oliver belong to mini a la mode’s Samantha and are almost 9 moths old now! When Samantha isn’t researching and posting, you’ll find her whipping up batches of organic baby food with interesting flavor combos like Mint Peas and Cinnamon Pears. The boys can’t get enough of the homemade treats and while we know it’s time consuming, it is so worth the effort!

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