Luella and her leg warmers…

February 25th, 2013 | Posted by Samantha in Girls | Street Style | Toddler - (Comments Off on Luella and her leg warmers…)
Imagemap alt Heart Sweatshirt Heart Sweatshirt Tank and Striped Skirt Leg Wamers Leg Wamers Sandals Luella

Luella, or NuNu, as she calls herself, is a true New Yorker. At only 2 years old, her favorite song is Moon River (sung by Audrey Hepburn only- lol) which she knows by heart and sings all the time!

You can find her dancing to the Delacorte Clock in the Central Park Zoo, climbing the Alice in Wonderland Statue and watching the sailboats “race.” When it’s cold, the Natural History Museum or the Children’s Art Museum is her go to spot.

While recently spending some time in LA, her “things” are going to the Griffith Park Pony Rides and painting in the kids room at the LACMA. 

She’s obsessed with kiwis and pineapple ice lollies and as of late, calls Mommy, “Babe”, thanks to her Father. We love a girl with style and sass!

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Mini à La Mode Styles Parents Magazine’s Back to School Fashion Feature!

September 4th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Big Kids | Boys | Girls | Our Work - (Comments Off on Mini à La Mode Styles Parents Magazine’s Back to School Fashion Feature!)

The editor’s of Parents Magazine gave us a challenge and we took it on! We found the best pieces for Fall under $50 by sifting through hundreds of samples until we found our favorites!

When we tell you there were hundreds of samples piled in our office we are not kidding!!

There are really some great deals out there confirming there is no need to break the bank for back to school.

Check them out in Septembers issue of Parents Magazine out now!


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lions, tigers, and bears…

August 9th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Boys | Infant | Street Style - (Comments Off on lions, tigers, and bears…)
Imagemap alt Bee Onesies Bee Onsies Striped Tee Striped Tee Giraffe Blanket Mini Drivers Lion

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! And that is just what you’ll say when you see this cutie pie! Little Lion isn’t so little anymore. You might remember his incredibly precious baby announcement in an earlier post, welcome to the world. Since then, Lion has been busy babbling away to his mommy, Summer, and playing with his dog, Whiskey.

And luckily for Lion, his Savvy mommy knows style and managed to snag the awesome Missoni for Target blanket he’s relaxing on, and his adorable Harajuku Mini onesie designed by Gwen Stefani. These items are so hot, we can’t find them anywhere! Here are some fun options to choose from to achieve Lion’s adorable look.

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snow bunny…

March 20th, 2012 | Posted by Samantha in Girls | Infant | Street Style - (Comments Off on snow bunny…)
Imagemap alt Aviator Hat Aviator Hat Sweater Sweater Slipper Boots Slipper Boots

Although it is officially Spring, we couldn’t resist posting adorable Olivia for her first time on the slopes in Breckenridge. At only 5 months, Miss Olivia is owning the lodge in her cozy ensemble while enjoying hearing herself babble away.

Until next year,  Winter!

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liam rocks!

March 14th, 2012 | Posted by Alexis in Big Kids | Boys | Street Style - (Comments Off on liam rocks!)
Imagemap alt Retro Tee Retro Tee Plaid Pants Plaid Pants Sneakers Sunnies

Liam’s Mommy, Ms. Lauren C., said it all when she texted, “When did my 4-yr old become cooler than me?” He is one cool kid, that Liam, and has been dressing himself to his parents delight since he was two!
We can’t wait to see what he rocks next! You’ll be sure to be seeing more of this lil looker!


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chic in chambray…

January 15th, 2011 | Posted by Alexis in Big Kids | Girls | Street Style - (Comments Off on chic in chambray…)
Imagemap alt Jackie O's Chambray Sundress Chambray Sundress Neon Sandals Straw Fedora Straw Fedora


Isn’t She Lovely?

This timeless shot of  little Audrey captures the essence of her star quality. Beautiful on both the inside & out, she has her sights set on theater and performing. Keep your eyes peeled for her on the big screen! I suspect we will see a lot more of her as she grows up.

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